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1 My Characters on Thu Apr 30, 2015 7:49 pm

If you're not sure who to RP with when you're a new user here, I'm always open for anything at all that you want or would like.  Just come talk to me through PM and we can arrange a little something.  Here are my two characters that you can RP with:

Name: Goldie Feathers
Species: Alicorn
Age: About a bit younger than Twilight
Ticklish Spots: That's for you to find out Wink
Special Abilities/Talents: Born with the incredible ability to shoot rays of golden glitter-dust material that can be really handy sometimes
Personality: Quite passionate for a younger pony, he really likes to enjoy life to the fullest while singing and dancing with pride.
Strengths: An astonishing capacity of love, and smart with power
Weaknesses: Almost as sensitive as he is strong, and sometimes has a bit of trouble with inner battles

Name: Crash Snowblind
Species: Alicorn
He's a really shady and mysterious pony.  Not much is really known or certain about him, as he usually prefers not to be around too many ponies in fear of overwhelmth.

If you want pictures of these characters, just ask me through PM.  I'm really eager to start RPing with all y'all!

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